New Cure for Hepatitis C

New Cure for Hepatitis CNew Cure for Hepatitis C

Over one million people in low and middle-income countries have been treated with a revolutionary new cure for hepatitis C since its introduction two years ago. When Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) were first approved for hepatitis C treatment in 2013, there were widespread fears that their high price would put them out of reach for the more than 80 million people with chronic hepatitis C infections worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. The new medicines have a cure rate of over 95%, fewer side effects than previously available therapies, and can completely cure the disease within three months. But at an initial estimated price of some $85 000 they were unaffordable even in high-income countries.

Thanks to a series of access strategies supported by the WHO and other partners, countries including Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Georgia, Indonesia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, Thailand and Ukraine – are beginning to succeed in getting drugs to people who need them.

Hepatitis C kills almost 700, 000 people annually and places a heavy burden on health systems’ capacities and resources.

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