Clean Air Bill Makes Slow Progress

Clean Air Bill Makes Slow Progress
Clean Air Bill Makes Slow Progress

Lawmakers on Sunday began deliberating on the Clean Air Bill and approved one of its articles.

The bill, which had been gathering dust for nearly two years in the parliament, was drawn up by the Department of Environment. Environmentalists say it can help address the country's air pollution plight to some extent.

Legislators approved an article that requires the DOE and Interior Ministry to work in tandem when air pollution hits critical levels to enforce restrictions on the public. The restrictions include, but are not limited to, regulating or banning access to locations with above-normal air pollution, Mehr News Agency reported. Both the ministry and DOE are also obliged to inform the public of the restrictions and any developments using all available means. The 35-article Clean Air Bill singles out inefficient vehicles, substandard fuels, industrial activities and dust storms as the major sources of air pollution in the country. It proposes more frequent technical inspections of public and private vehicles.

While the current law stipulates technical inspection of new vehicles once every five years, the DOE is pushing for biennial checks. The department insists that government vehicles be subjected to annual inspections.


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