Jujube Syrup to Treat Diabetes, High BP

Jujube Syrup to Treat Diabetes, High BPJujube Syrup to Treat Diabetes, High BP

Iranian researchers at a knowledge-based company under the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council have produced jujube syrup that has health benefits for blood detoxification and is also effective for patients with diabetes and high blood pressure. “My team has been working on the production of the syrup for over three years, which contains jujube (also known as red date), and thyme,” Leyla Mohammadtaghizadeh, head of the Traditional Medicine Research Group at the company, told Mehr News Agency. “Blood concentration is associated with several factors such as high blood pressure, cholesterol level, as well as diabetes and insulin resistance,” she said. The jujube syrup can affect these factors and lower blood concentration. It is also effective in treatment of metabolic syndromes, and abdominal obesity, as well as help treat fatty liver disease and reduce blood viscosity. The syrup, containing zero sugar, has entered the domestic markets under the brand name Annab Barij Essence Syrup.


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