Air Transport of Donor Organs

Air Transport of Donor OrgansAir Transport of Donor Organs

For the first time in the country, air transportation of donor organs including heart, liver and kidney will be undertaken on the route from Bushehr to Tehran, said Mohammad Hadi Ayazi, social deputy at the Health Ministry, on Tuesday.

“Organ exchange is lifesaving, especially in children, and also in patients with rare blood groups,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

“Where ground vehicles are not effective, organ transportation by aircraft is the most efficient method,” he added.  Harvested organs are flushed with a cooling agent, he added. The length of time a harvested organ, properly cooled for preservation, can be outside a human body varies by the organ. For kidneys it can be up to 24 hours; for livers up to 10 to 15 hours; and for the heart the maximum time is four to six hours.


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