LEZ Scheme on Hold

LEZ Scheme on HoldLEZ Scheme on Hold

The Low Emission Zones (LEZ) scheme that was launched on September 21 to help curb air pollution ahead of the cold seasons has been put on hold after less than a week since it took off. Under the scheme, all cars lacking technical inspection stickers were to be snapped by surveillance cameras in low emission zones, and violators fined.

“Due to long queues at technical inspection centers the scheme has been put on hold until such time that all cars that need to enter the zones receive their inspection labels,” said head of Tehran’s Traffic Police Brigadier General Teymour Hosseini. The LEZ scheme covers the same areas of Tehran City that are under the current ‘central restricted zone’ which is only open for public vehicles (buses, taxis and ambulances) between 7am and 5pm. The fines imposed on cars since September 21 for entering the zones without a technical label will be revoked, Hosseini assured.