How Can Violence Be Resisted?

 Rouhani was at the school to ceremonially ring the school bell, marking the beginning  of the new academic year. Rouhani was at the school to ceremonially ring the school bell, marking the beginning  of the new academic year.

Schools are the places where hard work, endeavor, hope, wisdom, and moderation begin, said President Hassan Rouhani, on the occasion of the new school year on September 24.

“Schools are not for illusions, superstitions, or violence, but where hope and vitality is restored to students by teachers,” the president said, addressing students and teachers at Narjes High School for girls in Tehran’s District 6.

Rouhani was at the school on Saturday to ceremonially ring the school bell, marking the beginning of the new academic year (2016-2017) which officially commenced on September 21.

Every year the president poses a question at the ceremony called the ‘Question of Mehr’ (first month of autumn) as the theme for the new academic year. Students are expected to ponder over the issue and prepare a project by the end of the school year when a contest is held to choose the best.

The 17th Mehr Question wonders where violence stems from, how people can resist it, and how they can liberate their region and the world from it.

Referring to violence as the major problem in the region as well as the world, Rouhani said, “As you commence your academic year in a safe and secure environment, schools in our neighboring countries such as Iraq and Syria, and Yemen are being destroyed, students killed and teachers lost.”

He underlined that violence does not necessarily mean war and terrorism, but also entails disrespect to each other, lack of morality and deprivation of education for the youth.

“We should learn moderation and temperance and know that violence and extremism will only lead to destruction of lives today and tomorrow,” Rouhani stressed.

“Although Mehr marks the beginning of autumn, it is the spring of knowledge and thinking and therefore, this day is very important for students, teachers and all those helping to create a better future for the country.”

Noting that every single person should join hands in creating the best for the nation, the president called on the society and families to work hand in hand with the government to achieve the goal.

  Improving Teachers’ Condition

Schools are the best platforms for training the finest professionals in the country and “you students should think about your own future and also that of your nation,” he said.

The government is doing its best to improve the condition of teachers and ensure their welfare. Its success in this regard is partly owing to the nuclear accord signed between Iran and the world’s major powers which came into effect in January and has helped restore international ties and revived the economy.

Addressing students across the country, Rouhani told them not to be afraid of asking questions.

“I want you to feel comfortable to pose questions in the classroom. Let’s not have fear to raise questions because what leads us to progress is asking the right questions and getting the right answers.”