Even-Odd Timings Revised

Even-Odd Timings RevisedEven-Odd Timings Revised

Due to the decreasing hours of daylight in the second half of the year that started September 22, the timings under the ‘even-odd’ traffic plan in the capital’s restricted zones have been revised, said head of Tehran Traffic Police, Brigadier General Teymour Hosseini. “The current timings under the plan from 6.30 am to 7 pm have been revised to 6.30 am and 5 pm from Saturday to Wednesday,” Alef News Agency quoted him as saying.  Under the scheme, private vehicles are allowed to drive in the city on alternate days, based on the odd or even last digit of their license plates. The first day of the week, i.e.  Saturday, is earmarked for cars with the last even digit. Friday, being the weekend, is not included in the scheme.