Get Tested for HIV/AIDS

Get Tested for HIV/AIDSGet Tested for HIV/AIDS

The United Nations Office in Tehran has launched a campaign to encourage people to get tested for HIV/AIDS. The campaign dubbed ‘Know Your Status’ was initiated by Gary Lewis, the UN Resident Coordinator who also serves as the UNDP Resident Representative in Iran, on social media and networks, the medical news agency Sepidonline reported. Between 1988 and October 2015, a total of 30,183 cases of HIV/AIDS were reported in Iran, out of which 67% were through sharing of syringes, and 18% sexually transmitted. Women made up 15% of the total figure. The campaign has previously been launched in a number of countries across the world by various entities and organizations in a bid to encourage people to get tested for the sexually transmitted virus and curb the number of new infections.