Iran Nano Council Holds Workshops for Chinese Students

Iran Nano Council Holds Workshops for Chinese StudentsIran Nano Council Holds Workshops for Chinese Students

The Educational Nano Labs Department at TAVANA Corporation conducted workshops for Chinese school students and dults in China.

Based in Tehran, TAVANA is affiliated to Iran Nano Club established under the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC).

The educational courses included three separate workshops for 100 students at various levels and a four-day educational course in a nanotechnology firm.

According to INIC website, the workshops are aimed at developing international relations in nanotechnology and prepare the ground for exporting equipment and educational packages for nano labs.

The first workshop with the participation of 40 students in the 15-year age group was held at Rugoa Middle School, in Rugao city, Jiangsu Province while Andy Primary School in Nanjing hosted the second and third workshops with the participation of 40 students in the 10-year age group.

The workshops provided a summary of educational activities at TAVANA as well as basic and primary concepts of nanotechnology at student level. The concept and method to produce nanoparticles were taught to students in a theoretical course.

 Simple Concepts

Primary and simple concepts of nanotechnology were taught to students in the workshops by designing five educational stations using specific tools and equipment.  The participants were required to carry out teamwork in the workshops under teachers’ supervision.

TAVANA had earlier organized two educational workshops for students and teachers in China and another in Turkey.

Established in 2006, the TAVANA Corporation presents nanotechnology to students at national and international levels through its experimental laboratories using comprehensive educational packages, and by holding hands-on workshops, using general and professional nano lab equipment, and publishing supplementary books.

It also helps boost students’ knowledge by having them observe the applications and manufacturing of nano-products. The services offered include workshops, educational courses for students, lab equipping, teachers training, reading materials, nano kits, and digital resources.