Chikungunya Outbreak in Delhi

Chikungunya Outbreak in DelhiChikungunya Outbreak in Delhi

New Delhi is battling one of its worst outbreaks of the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus with more than 1,000 cases reported across the Indian capital. Local media have reported that 10 people in the city have died of chikungunya-related complications, although this has not been officially confirmed. The illness is largely non-lethal although the World Health Organization says that in older people it can contribute to the cause of death, BBC News website reported. Chinkungunya is a viral disease spread by mosquitoes that bite during daylight hours, and cannot be transmitted from person to person. It is unclear why Delhi has been so severely affected this year, but heavier than usual rainfall coupled with the large number of construction projects in the city could be a factor, as this can create many stagnant pools of water where mosquitoes can breed. The city also has a large number of open drains.