New Schools in Deprived Regions

New Schools in Deprived RegionsNew Schools in Deprived Regions

A total of 200 schools built by the Barekat Foundation will be inaugurated before the new school year starts (September 23), said CEO Aref Norouzi. “The schools will have 1,200 classrooms,” he was quoted by ILNA as saying. So far, 700 schools with over 4,500 classrooms have been constructed and inaugurated by the foundation across the country. “We are also in talks with several provincial authorities to set up 100 more schools to meet our initial target of 1,000 schools across Iran,” he added. The Barakat Foundation, affiliated to Imam Khomeini Setad for helping the poor and needy, is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, and building schools and infrastructure in remote and underdeveloped regions.