Multiple Disease Outbreaks in South Sudan

Multiple Disease Outbreaks in South SudanMultiple Disease Outbreaks in South Sudan

Infectious diseases continue to pose a major public health threat in South Sudan. Adding to the chronic burden of disease, regular outbreaks further threaten people’s health. “In a conflict setting, the World Health Organization and partners are responding to multiple outbreaks including cholera, malaria, measles, suspected hemorrhagic fever, and kala-azar,” said Dr. Abdulmumini Usman, WHO Representative to South Sudan, the organization’s website reported.  Most of these infectious diseases have been controlled or eradicated from most parts of Africa but are still causing epidemics in South Sudan due to poor socio-economic conditions. More than 1.3 million malaria cases, 1600 measles cases, and a total of 1762 cholera cases, have been reported in the country since the beginning of 2016.