Increase in HIV/AIDS

Increase in HIV/AIDSIncrease in HIV/AIDS

The pattern of transmission of HIV/AIDS has shifted over the recent years from needles/syringes to sexual transmission, which has seen an increase of 30% from the earlier 15%.

“A total of 31,950 people carrying the HIV virus have been identified so far in the country,” said Mohammad Mahdi Guya, an official at the Health Ministry on the sidelines of the National Conference on Water and Food-Borne Diseases on Tuesday in Sari, Mazandaran province.

The officially announced figure in the past put the infected people at 28,663 up until September 2014. Of the total registered cases, 89.3% were men and 10.7% women, Alef News Agency reported.

A wide range of educational programs and projects are being implemented within the framework of the 4th National AIDS Plan currently underway in cooperation with the UN and other international