Preventing Genetic Disorders

Preventing Genetic DisordersPreventing Genetic Disorders

Thalassemia is more prevalent in regions where consanguineous marriages are customary. Ilam, Mazandaran, Khuzestan, Kerman and Sistan and Baluchestan Provinces are among such regions, said Sadeq Ghafouri, board member of the Iranian Association of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (IAGH).

“Premarital genetic counseling and testing can effectively address the problem,” quoted him as saying.

Premarital genetic counseling and testing has become mandatory in the sixth economic development plan (2016-2021) under review in the parliament.  So far programs have helped reduce the number of neonates born with congenital disorders. Thalassemia prevention programs that provide for obtaining legal permission for medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) has helped reduce the number of thalassemia cases from 1,000 in 1979 to 200 in 2014.