Stem Cells in Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Stem Cells in Treatment of Cerebral PalsyStem Cells in Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Researchers at Royan Institute are involved in a project to test the success rate of stem cell transplant from umbilical cord blood as a potential treatment for cerebral palsy, the most common childhood physical disability. “We have an extensive project to use umbilical cord blood stem cells to treat cerebral palsy and other conditions that lead to neurological damage,” said Dr. Morteza Zarrabi, a faculty member at Royan and CEO of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank.

Noting that the project is being trialed on children admitted to hospitals with cerebral palsy, he said the results have been satisfactory so far.

These stem cells have proved to be effective in treating leukemia, Mehr News Agency reported.

He said 27 agencies for cord blood bank have been launched across the country and  have managed to store 67,000 samples with private banks and 5,000 samples in public banks.