Electromagnetic Radiation Can Cause Infertility

Electromagnetic Radiation Can Cause InfertilityElectromagnetic Radiation Can Cause Infertility

The average growth rate of infertility in Iran is more than in other countries and unfortunately the figures have increased by approximately 10 to 18 percent in the recent years, said Dr. Ahmad Chubineh, head of Iran’s Red Crescent infertility center (Rooyesh).

Electromagnetic waves have a significant impact on human health, presenting a serious threat to the lives of many people. Many families are not aware of its adverse impacts; therefore the right training in the use of electronic gadgets, particularly laptops, and mobile phones, notebook and tablets, should be given to adolescents and young people, Mehr news agency reported.

“Placing laptops and other electronic devices on the lap or in trouser pockets, is harmful especially to men as the heat radiated puts at risk their reproductive health,” he said.

Also jobs such as welding and baking are increasingly threatening men’s fertility; therefore it is essential to provide on-the-job training to prevent infertility.

At present, the infertility rate in the country is same among men and women. Increasing marriage age, stress, poor nutrition and electromagnetic fields are the main causes of infertility. There are more than 3 million infertile couples in the country today.

The rate of infertility can be reduced by raising youth awareness and also encouraging them to marry at an appropriate age, Chubineh added.

 Real Dangers

Laptop radiation cannot be seen by the naked eye, but it can pose real dangers. This ‘exposure danger’ is not new. Many other electronic devices and appliances such as desktop computers, televisions and microwave ovens all emit similar radiation, but there are certain aspects that make laptop radiation unique.

Laptops used directly in laps expose people to more intense radiation that would be harmless otherwise if one were only a few feet away.

Laptops have internal parts that heat up and radiate. Older laptops emit the highest levels of heat radiation. Laptops generate Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from storage and computing processing. When laptops use Bluetooth, WiFi and wireless cellular connections, they emit higher frequency, Radio Frequency (RF) radiation. All three of these sources are very close to your body. Exposure to these dangerous radiations may create bodily reactions such as skin rashes and muscle soreness. In some cases, infertility can occur, says

 Why Risk it?

Leading experts have known for many, many years that prolonged heat and EMR exposure, coincide with fatigue, dizziness, headaches, breathlessness, insomnia and various cancers. When emissions are exposed directly to the lap, more serious health conditions, including infertility and skin damage have occurred.

In recent years, studies on the effects of laptop radiation have demonstrated effects on fertility as well as cell and DNA damage. Some studies show that laptops are a health hazard while other studies say the link between laptop radiation and health problems is inconclusive. While experts are evaluating the impacts of laptop radiation on children, adults and seniors, precautionary measures must be taken. Why risk it? When used off the lap, your laptop presents little danger.