Rice Farming Not Suitable for Isfahan

Rice Farming Not Suitable for IsfahanRice Farming Not Suitable for Isfahan

Agricultural cropping pattern needs to be modified in Zayandehrud River basin. Rice is a crop with has high water consumption; therefore it is not suitable for arid areas such as Isfahan Province due to its low rainfall average. Other crops not suitable for the region include melons and potatoes, said Hassan Pasandideh, director general of water and soil office at the Department of Environment (DoE).

As precipitation varies all over the country with some regions receiving up to 2000 mm of annual precipitation and others less than 50 mm, therefore “we should consider each region’s resources and capacities before taking a decision on  what crops to plant,” Mehr news agency quoted him as saying.

Some people maintain that rice farming has a long history in the surrounding areas of Zayandehrud River and “this has never created any problem for the river.” However, with the increase in the number of industrial units in Isfahan, which have high water consumption particularly the steel industry, the provincial situation is changing thus requiring modification in water consumption patterns, he added.