36m Live in Modern-Day Slavery

36m Live in Modern-Day Slavery36m Live in Modern-Day Slavery

Nearly 36 million people around the world live in some form of modern slavery, according to a new report.

The Global Slavery Index published by the Walk Free Foundation finds that 35.8 million men, women and children live in modern slavery due to incidents like trafficking, debt bondage or forced marriages. Modern slavery contributes to the production of at least 122 goods from 58 countries, Time reported.

The prevalence is estimated to have increased since 2013, the report notes, but that’s largely thanks to more precise measuring.

Among the findings: The continents with the most difficulty eradicating slavery are Africa and Asia; Europe has fewer modern-day slaves, and the nations with governments making strong efforts to prevent slavery despite low resources are Georgia, the Philippines, Jamaica and Macedonia.

According to the report, all countries except North Korea have legislation criminalizing some form of modern slavery. The report underlined Mauritania, Haiti, Sudan and Qatar among nations with the highest prevalence of modern-day slavery.