Drug to Sustain Stem Cells

Drug to Sustain Stem CellsDrug to Sustain Stem Cells

Researchers at Royan Institute have produced a medication that can keep embryonic stem cells alive in a culture medium. “The team has been conducting studies for several years on PPAR gamma factor, which is used in gene duplication,” said Dr. Kamran Qaedi, a winner in the Stem Cells Section at the 17th round of Royan International Research Award held in Tehran. He said the use of a substance called pioglitazone allows the embryonic stem cells to have a better survival rate and maintain their fundamental properties, Mehr News Agency reported. “In this study, we managed to prove that by using PRAR gamma, we can improve the colony forming and duplication of pluripotent cells in mice,” he added. The findings can be used to improve the conditions for growth of human pluripotent cells and increasing the efficiency of cell culture, Qaedi noted.