Weasel Exists in Chaharmahal Province

Weasel Exists in Chaharmahal ProvinceWeasel Exists in Chaharmahal Province

The death of a ‘Least Weasel’ confirmed the existence of the species in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. The weasel was run over by a car in Kiar county, said Shahram Ahmadi, head of the provincial Department of Environment (DoE).

The scientific name of the species is ‘Mustela nivalis’. Till now its existence was not proved, but with the discovery of the carcass, the species presence in the province has been confirmed, IRNA reported.

The weasel is the world’s smallest species of the carnivores. Small rodents form the largest part of the weasel’s diet, but it also kills and eats rabbits and other mammals, and occasionally birds, birds’ eggs, fish and frogs.

The weasel is sometimes confused with mice. The animal is lanky with round ears and a short tail. The upper part of its fur is light brown and the lower part is white.