Women’s Studies Launched

Women’s Studies Launched Women’s Studies Launched

Curriculum for the new major in “Family and Women’s Studies’’ was approved in the 94th meeting of the Special Council of Reform and Enhancement of Humanities at the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. The working group decided on ‘’women’s rights in Islam’’ as the field of study for the PhD program.

In the report released by the working group, issues like aims of the major, terms and conditions for those who want to study the course, required subjects to be presented and the necessity of focusing the discourse around women’s rights in Islam, are outlined.

‘’Graduates of this field should be able to challenge non-religious thinking about women and family with their mastery of the fundamentals of Islamic thought,’’ said Gholamali Haddad Adel, head of the Iranian Academy of Persian language and Literature who also presided over the meeting. He added that all the members of the special council have been selected by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, ILNA reported.  

He called on the members to participate “in the meeting more seriously” and said ‘’clarifying the exact meaning of Islamization of humanities” and removing possible misconceptions are among the most important tasks of the council. The final report regarding the work and research done by the group will be released soon, he added.



Members of the working group also emphasized the need for Shia scholars’ views on women and family to be given more attention and to consider the dual tasks of women in family and society before designing the curriculum in line with the standards of the ministry of science.    

One of the members of the council gave a report on ‘Islamazation of Humanities’ in universities. The report shed light on topics such as: the “philosophy of humanities from an Islamic perspective, compilation of the history of humanities in Islamic civilization and the perfect human being in Islam,” and finding sources for developing courses in the field.