Lake Urumia Reserve Up by 500 mcm

Lake Urumia Reserve Up by 500 mcmLake Urumia Reserve Up by 500 mcm

Lake Urumia’s water reserve has increased by 500 million cubic meters (mcm), says Rahim Meidani deputy energy minister.

He said since September 23, precipitation was 37 millimeters on average per day, which was 61 percent more than the same period last year, Mehr news agency reported.

Water level in the lake, which is experiencing its worst drought in many years, has increased by 32cm thanks to the recent rainfall.

It may be recalled that Morteza Mousavi, director general of the bureau for Lake Urumia water resources management, on October 27 had said, “thanks to more than 117mm of rain during the month of Mehr (September 23-October 22), the level of water in Lake Urumia is rising.”

It is hoped that the lake water would reach its ecologic level of 1274.1 meters through improving irrigation methods and implementing water transfer plans by 2023, he said.

Lake Urumia is in northwest Iran. Over 70% of its water has dried up. The level has been declining since 1995 due to drought, lack of rainfall and excessive use for agriculture.