‘Anger Management’ Clinic

‘Anger Management’ Clinic‘Anger Management’ Clinic

The first ‘anger management’ clinic will be opened in Tehran (district 7) on December 6, said Dr. Mahmoud Golzari, deputy minister of youth affairs.

“Our task is to train and provide specialists. The Tehran Municipality (TM) is responsible for providing the location and funding for the establishment of the clinic,” he said.

Tehran municipal officials say the location of the clinic will be confirmed in the coming days, IRNA quoted Golzari as saying. According to the agreements, one-third of the treatment cost will be paid by the TM, one-third by the ministry of youth affairs and the remaining by clients.

He also announced that municipalities in other metropolises had agreed on construction of such clinics and noted that anger management is important given that violence like street clashes, which even lead to death, are prevalent in the society.

Individuals can be referred to the centers by police or by themselves. Holding training courses for school administrators is one of the goals of the center. “Especially boys’ high schools are among our main targets,” he added.