Using Malachite Green in Fish Ponds Illegal

Using Malachite Green in Fish Ponds IllegalUsing Malachite Green in Fish Ponds Illegal

Fish farmers who use ‘malachite green’ as disinfectant in their fish ponds will be dealt with according to law, as it is illegal to use the organic compound for such purposes.

Inspectors of the Iran Veterinary Organization will seize all fish cultured in water pools contaminated by the substance, said its head Mahdi Khalaj.

 Malachite green is traditionally used as a dye for materials such as silk, leather, and paper, and controversially as an antimicrobial in aquaculture, IRNA reported.

In 1992, Canadian authorities determined that eating fish contaminated with malachite green posed a significant health risk including certain types of cancer. Due to its low manufacturing cost, malachite green is still used in certain countries with less restrictive laws for non-aquaculture purposes.