Research in Dermatology

Research in DermatologyResearch in Dermatology

The Burns Research Center affiliated to Iran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran will become the central research hub for dermatology and skin grafting, said deputy for research at the IUMS.

“The center will focus studies on new methods to treat burn injuries as well as patients with EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa, a group of life-threatening skin conditions),” said Seyyed Ali Javad Mousavi, at the meeting of the policy-making assembly of Iran Health Charity Association with medical universities in Tehran, IRNA reported.

Establishment of the Burns Research Center in 2008 was an effective step in research and promotion of the quality of patient care services. It aims to meet international standards in burn injury treatment and care.

The specialized Shahid Motahari Burns Hospital, established in 1969 and the most advanced hospital in the field in Iran, also works under the supervision of the IUMS.