Helping Female Addicts

Helping Female AddictsHelping Female Addicts

The Mehrafarin Charity Institute which has so far helped 600 needy children has recently admitted 200 female addicts for treatment and rehab.

The charity aims to empower and support female addicts and their children, said Fatemeh Daneshvar, a councilor at the Tehran City Council and board member of the institute.

Unfortunately, only 10 of the female addicts have shown their determination to quit drugs, the Persian language newspaper ‘Iran’ quoted her as saying.

The institute has signed a MoU with the Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization to provide tailoring courses to the women. It was established in 2005 by Daneshvar and her husband Mehrdad Akbarian.

Daneshvar criticized hospitals which release babies of addicted mothers without providing detoxification treatment to them for 3-5 days, while according to the law this is mandatory. “Addicted babies cry in pain for hours from withdrawal symptoms and their mothers drug them to soothe their pain. So the babies remain addicted,” she said.