German Specialist to Treat War Veterans

German Specialist to Treat War VeteransGerman Specialist to Treat War Veterans

A German neurosurgeon is visiting Iran from August 29-September 1 to examine and operate on some of the country’s injured war veterans, said director general of the Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs. “At the invitation of the foundation, Prof. Walter Stummer will perform examinations and necessary surgeries on war veterans suffering from neurological problems,” said Iraj Arabi, IRNA reported. Neurosurgery Chairman at the Munster University Hospital, Stummer is a world leader in the introduction and implementation of advanced fluorescence-based diagnostic methods via the operating microscope (an optical microscope used in a surgical setting to perform microsurgery) and micro-neurosurgery. The move is one in a series of measures by the foundation to treat the 546,108 war veterans suffering from mild to severe injuries sustained during the 1980-1988 Iraq-Iran war in which a million people died on both sides.