Call for Education of EB Patients

Call for Education of EB PatientsCall for Education of EB Patients

The director of the specialized healthcare center for children’s EB (epidermolysis bullosa) has called for providing the necessary infrastructure for education of EB patients.

“EB is a rare disorder and not many people know about it. People think it’s contagious, but it is genetic and the children need to get educated,” said Seyyed Reza Hashemi at a press conference on Tuesday, Borna News Agency reported. EB is a group of inherited connective tissue diseases that cause blisters in the skin. Based on the global estimations, each country has at least 800-1,000 EB patients, but so far only 450 have been identified in Iran.

The Health Ministry established the EB Health House in late 2015 where bandages for dressing the wounds of the patients are supplied free of charg