Stigma Over STDs Hinders Treatment

Stigma Over STDs Hinders TreatmentStigma Over STDs Hinders Treatment

There is no precise information on the prevalence and growth rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the country, said scientific secretary of the 17th International Congress of Microbiology, Pezhvak Khaki. “Due to the stigma surrounding the issue, the prevalence of STDs have not been thoroughly studied in the country, and that prevents the Health Ministry from laying down proper policies to address the issue,” he said on the eve of the event, reported the website of Iranian Society of Microbiology. The congress will be held August 23-25 at Razi International Conference Hall in Tehran. It will discuss topics including nanotechnology in microbiology, sexually transmitted infections and HIV vaccine, with international keynote speakers from Spain, France, Germany, the US, South Africa, Denmark, Canada, and Russia.