LEZ Plan Soon

LEZ Plan SoonLEZ Plan Soon

The Low Emission Zone Plan is likely to be implemented from the last week of August, simultaneously with the official launching of SIMFA (a central system for vehicular technical inspection), said Seyed Teymour Hosseini, head of Tehran’s Traffic Police.  Under the LEZ system, cars are categorized in three colors: green, yellow and red, according to the vehicle emission standards. The red vehicles will not be allowed to enter the LEZ districts on all working days during the week from 6 am till 7 pm. The yellow code vehicles will be bound by the same rule on high-pollution days, Khabaronline reported. The initial plan had a major shortcoming as the scheme was only meant for Tehran; therefore only cars driven by the capital’s residents were to get the stickers. But to address the problem, SIMFA was created, which will ensure that every car in the country would receive an appropriately-colored sticker.