Infertility Rate 2.5%

Infertility Rate 2.5%Infertility Rate 2.5%

Around 3-4% of young Iranian women suffer from recurrent miscarriages, said Dr. Minoo Rafiei, head of the 5th National Seminar on Genetic Counseling and its role in prevention of congenital disabilities, held August 11-12 at Razi Conference Hall of Iran University of Medical Sciences in Tehan. “Infertility rate is about 2.5% and secondary infertility is more prevalent than primary infertility,” IRNA quoted her as saying. There are 3 million infertile couples in the country. When a woman is not able to conceive at all, (due to infertility in either spouse), it is referred to as primary fertility. Secondary infertility is when a woman is unable to conceive again after the first successful pregnancy and childbirth. While causes of secondary infertility vary, the most important risk factors are advanced reproductive age, weight gain, abdominal surgeries, sperm quality and quantity and smoking.