Care Centers at Subway Proposed

Care Centers at Subway ProposedCare Centers at Subway Proposed

The Tehran Metro is ready to cooperate with the State Welfare Organization to set up daycare facilities for children at the city’s subway stations. “A large number of women with young children are students or employed, and use the subway on a daily basis. Having access to day care centers will go a long way to help them,” said CEO Mahmoud Ahmadi Bafandeh, on Monday, Khabaronline reported.

The project could begin at certain subway stations, particularly intersections that see the largest number of commuters every day, he suggested.  Lines 2 and 5 that are mostly used by commuters from the neighboring Alborz Province could benefit from care center facility.

In a similar move, last year the Tehran Metro began setting up special breastfeeding areas called ‘mother and child’ rooms at most of the subway intersections to help  nursing mothers.