No Preservatives in Dairy

No Preservatives in DairyNo Preservatives in Dairy

As per the relevant rules pertaining to food products, preservatives are not permitted to be used in dairy. There are also different regulations for using additives in the various types of processed food, with each specifying the amount that can be used in each edible product.

Fortunately, dairy products in Iran can be consumed every day without any hesitancy since no additives are used, said Hossein Chamani, a milk industry expert, allaying concerns that the long shelf life of the different milk brands is due to preservatives. “This is not true,” he added.

Given the fact that dairy products are consumed every day, they shouldn’t as a rule contain any preservatives, the Iranian Agriculture News Agency (IANA) quoted him as saying.

“Artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives are used in production of food items such as sausages, and soft drinks and carbonated sodas.”

Advertisement of products harmful to people’s health by the mass media has been banned under Article 70 of a new bill passed in the Majlis in May.

“On the other hand most people don’t consume carbonated drinks or sausages, and other potentially harmful products on a daily basis. The occasional sausage sandwich or a glass of carbonated drink is not going to kill people,” he maintained.

But people who regularly consume processed foods are likely to suffer from health complications in the future.

Drinking at least two to four glasses of milk a day is necessary to meet the body’s nutritional needs. Each glass of milk is equivalent to 35 grams of other dairy products such as cheese or yogurt.

The annual per capita consumption of milk and dairy products in Iran is less than 70 kg as against the global per capita milk and dairy products consumption of more than 300 kg.

Milk contains calories, protein and calcium, among other nutrients, and bioactive components such as insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), all of which facilitate bone growth.