Electronic Database for Medical Institutions

Electronic Database for Medical InstitutionsElectronic Database for Medical Institutions

The electronic system of issuing permits for medical institutions which had been piloted in a number of medical universities, was officially launched last week at a ceremony attended by the deputy health minister, Mohammad Aqajani.

The network, the first for medical institutions in the country, is connected to several major databases including that of the Health Ministry as well as the National Organization for Civil Registration and Iran’s Medical Council, among others.

It compiles all information on the country’s medical centers in a unified database and provides comprehensive statistics which can help devise large-scale medical plans and allocate funds in a balanced and purposeful way, said Aqajani as quoted by the ministry’s official news agency, WEBDA.

The network is also expected to help reduce medical violations by strengthening supervision.

“Monitoring is an effective means for improving the quality of services and reducing undesired incidents,” said Aqajani.    

Thanks to the electronic network, applicants and operating institutions can now receive services without having to refer repeatedly to the relevant organizations in person.

“Using the national system, all procedures, from approval to the issuance of operation licenses, will be covered by e-government services.”

During the pilot run, information on 6,000 medical centers was uploaded in the system and with the official launching of the network more centers will be gradually added to the database.