Rural Youth Gets 3 Patents for Inventions

Rural Youth Gets 3 Patents for InventionsRural Youth Gets 3 Patents for Inventions

A talented 25-year-old rural youth, Seyed Mohammad Rousta from Zarghan village in Fars Province, has received three patents for his inventions so far.

His first invention is a prototype of a hydraulic lift for fruit picking.

“My father and most of the people in the village are farmers. During the fruit picking season, they face a lot of problems due to labor scarcity and other reasons, and vast quantities of fruits are wasted. Sometimes, using traditional methods like ladders to pick fruit can lead to mishaps and injuries on the job. That’s why I decided to put an end to the problems with the invention,” he said.

The hydraulic lift was made under the supervision of his university professors. Rousta studied at Payam Noor University in Zarghan.

“It was presented at the 7th national festival of entrepreneurship and business development, organized by the Innovation and Development Fund, Sharif University of Technology, and was approved.”

The festival was held last December at the university in Tehran, IRNA reported.  

If produced on a mass scale, the cost of each device will be around $4,350, he said. Several people can simultaneously use the hydraulic lift as it has several platforms.

“All my inventions are environmental-friendly,” he added.  

One of his other inventions is a medical device to dissolve kidney stones. It has been approved by the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and is now in the commercialization phase.

His third invention is a fuel vapor recycling device. “For burning of every 10 liters of gasoline, 300 cc gasoline can be recycled if we liquefy the gases produced from the burning fuel,” he said.

It has been registered by the ‘Iran Intellectual Property Office’, but no organization has come forward to provide financial support to produce the device on a commercial level.