More Classrooms for Rural Areas

More Classrooms for Rural AreasMore Classrooms for Rural Areas

The Education Ministry plans to construct a total of 12,000 classrooms by the end of the current fiscal year in March 2017, said deputy education minister for development. “Since the present government took office in 2013, over 27,000 classrooms have been built and inaugurated, most of them in underprivileged regions,” said Morteza Raeesi, ISNA reported. A large part of the projects will be financed by patrons who have contributed over 7,000 billion rials ($200 million) since the start of the new Iranian on March 20. The classrooms built include those by the Barakat Foundation under a MoU with the ministry to construct 1,000 schools across the country. The foundation has completed half its task. The Barakat Foundation, affiliated to Imam Khomeini Setad for helping the underprivileged, is dedicated to creating entrepreneurs, building schools and infrastructure in remote and underdeveloped regions.