USERN Meet in November

USERN Meet in NovemberUSERN Meet in November

The first Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN) congress slated for November 8-10 will be organized by the Tehran University of Medical Sciences  “The network was launched in early 2016 by Iran’s Health Ministry with the purpose of peaceful and humanitarian promotion of education and research, globally. It has drawn more than 2,200 members from 60 countries so far,” said Dr. Nima Rezaei, president of USERN. It is a society of researchers, academia, and scientists from around the world including the top 1% scientists in all disciplines based on ESI (the global Essential Science Indicators which determine who the most influential individuals, institutions, papers, and publications are).

The event will have a 160-strong advisory panel including 21 top scientists from Japan, the US, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Germany, and Iran on the executive board, 11 of whom are Nobel laureates, Mehr News Agency reported.