Reducing HAI Rates

Reducing HAI RatesReducing HAI Rates

Annually, thousands of patients (10-15%) are affected by hospital-associated infections (HAI). Nosocomial or healthcare-related infection is more common in Intensive Care Units (ICU) and hospital wards of women and children, said Dr. Pezhvak Khaki, scientific secretary of the 17th International Congress of Microbiology to be held on August 24-26 at Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

“The microorganisms which cause hospital infections are often antibiotic-resistant; that’s why hospital infection prevention is very critical,” IRNA quoted him as saying.  Last year that ended in March, 600,000 people were affected by HAI, which are often caused by pathogens that easily spread through the body. Many hospital patients have compromised immune systems, so they are less able to fight off infections. In some cases, patients develop infections due to unhygienic conditions at a hospital or a healthcare facility.