Nanosorbent Eliminates Antibiotics in Livestock

Nanosorbent Eliminates Antibiotics in LivestockNanosorbent Eliminates Antibiotics in Livestock

Iranian researchers at the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council have produced a nanosorbent that eliminates antibiotics used in livestock and poultry feed. A number of medications enter the human bodies through consumption of livestock and poultry and cause toxicity as well as drug resistance in humans. Ofloxacin, enrofloxacin and ciprofloxacin are among the antibiotics widely used in the livestock and poultry industry.  Studies have shown that these antibiotics leave harmful effects on kidneys, liver and the brain. Therefore, a nanosorbent has been synthesized to eliminate the absorption of these substances in the human body, Mehr News Agency reported.

According to the INIC, the nanosorbent presented by the researchers significantly decreases the side effects of antibiotics. In addition, the antibiotics can be eliminated at low costs due to the simplicity and availability of the raw materials used in producing the nanosorbent.