Gavkhuni Wetland is Still Dry

Gavkhuni Wetland is Still DryGavkhuni Wetland is Still Dry

The water released from Zayandehrud Dam still hasn’t reached Gavkhuni Wetland. Since last week, 60 million cubic meters of water has been released in Zayanderud River which ends in Gavkhuni Wetland.

The reasons for the delay in water reaching the wetland may be due to the high rate of water consumption and also the dryness of the river for a long period of time, causing the water’s intrusion into fresh underground aquifers. Lack of agriculture efficiency is also a major problem leading to wastage of large quantities of water.

“For the waters to reach Gavkhuni Wetland is a time consuming process; but the wetland will be full in the near future,” Mehr News agency quoted Dr. Ahmadali Keikha, head of Isfahan DoE as saying.

The recently released dam waters have been conserved by less water allocation to farmers in the eastern part of Isfahan Province, he noted.

At present “we have to review water rights of Zayandehrud River with the help of hydrometric installations,” he added.