Proposal for Anti-Drug Faction

Proposal for Anti-Drug FactionProposal for Anti-Drug Faction

A proposal has been made to the Majlis for setting up an anti-drug faction in the parliament, said Parviz Afshar, spokesperson at Iran Drug Control Headquarters. “The bill was sent in the last days of the previous Majlis, but was withdrawn, and we are pursuing the matter again in the new parliament,” he said, ISNA reported. Establishment of such a faction in the legislature will facilitate more effective policies and greater attention to matters relating to drug trade and crime. An important step taken since the new Majlis convened on May 28 is the review of the current anti-drug laws for revision by the pertinent authorities. At present, there are more than 1.5 million drug users in the country of whom 10% are women. Some 20% of the workforce and 2.6% of university students are plagued by addiction.