Green Careers on the Way

Green Careers on the WayGreen Careers on the Way

An official at the Department of Environment (DoE) said 4,000 green jobs are to be created with the help of the ministry of commerce. Hamid Jalalvandi told ISNA that “as the development process can harm the natural landscape, therefore, creating more green jobs can reverse the adverse effects of growth and at the same time benefit the economy.”

He criticized the social and environmental damage that development projects are causing saying that in some places “we no longer hear birds singing.”  

Jalavandi said “green management and green industry” are two other initiatives the department is aiming to promote.

 Another priority for the department is to enhance “green tourism” and this is being pursued through the DoE chief’s visit to various provinces. It is planned that tourists be allowed into protected areas under the supervision of the department.

He also emphasized the need for conservation of natural resources and said “the DoE will not allow damage to the environment with impunity” and has asked other organizations to join forces to protect the environment. “We have laws to protect the environment; so the reason for the present degradation has to do with negligence and lack of implementation of rules,” he maintained.