Older Women’s Health Care

Older Women’s Health CareOlder Women’s Health Care

A health program for women in menopausal transition (age group 45-59) will be implemented in line with the national Health Reform Plan, said Dr. Mohammad Esmaeil Motlagh, director general of the department of family, population and school health at the ministry of health.

Older women are the main role models for the next generation, and it is important to promote their health care.

The main problem facing middle-aged women is menopausal transition or the end of their reproductive period, which occurs due to reduction of Estrogen hormone in their bodies and leads to different kinds of complications such as socio-psychological and also cardiovascular, neurological and Musculoskeletal diseases (MSDs), Mehr news agency quoted Motlagh as saying.

 Free Testing

Postmenopausal health services aim at promoting women’s lifestyle, controlling disease risks and prevention of disability in women. Under the program free gynecological examination, testing of cancer risk factors and sexually transmitted infections will be taken up.

At present the plan is being implemented in 26 cities and it is essential that all the medical universities contribute to successfully implement the program across the country, he added.