A Different Way of Promoting Traffic Culture

A Different Way of Promoting Traffic CultureA Different Way of Promoting Traffic Culture

In an innovative move, Tehran Traffic Police in cooperation with the Tehran Municipality has initiated a campaign titled ‘Law-Abiding Citizen’ in order to promote correct traffic culture among the capital’s residents, as well as reduce the rate of vehicular accidents.

As part of the campaign, 80 graphic artworks with traffic as the theme have been put up on Tehran’s billboards since July 9 and will be on display for a fortnight.  

The graphic works were prepared at a three-day workshop held in collaboration with the Tehran Beautification Organization where over 100 graphic designers were invited. In the end, 80 drawings were selected to be put up across the sprawling capital.  

“Education is the basic strategy for reform in negative social trends and the campaign will hopefully help improve the public traffic ethos,” said Colonel Morad Moradi, education and culture deputy of the police force, ISNA reported.

Most of the pictorial messages center on traffic offences that cause car mishaps such as failure to comply with the safe distance driving rule, not using helmets, driving in reverse gear on highways, speeding above the limits and overtaking when it is not allowed, among others.  

In response to how the campaign will be sustained, the official said that efforts will be made to make it a popular campaign that is kept up by the citizens.

“A hashtag (#law_abiding_citizen) has been created so as to share concepts on safe driving on cyberspace,” said Moradi adding that other programs have been envisioned which require permits and would be implemented over time. He did not elaborate.

The idea of such campaigns to promote safe driving first came from a young man Siavash Kashmiri who started an initiative in February this year that encourages drivers to stay between the white lines to avoid traffic chaos and accidents. It soon received the support of the traffic police.

Titled “I Drive Between the Lines”, the goal of the campaign was to print and provide rear windshield or bumper stickers with the slogan to every driver in the city that is home to three million plus private cars.