Targets For Reducing Cardiovascular Deaths

Targets For Reducing Cardiovascular DeathsTargets For Reducing Cardiovascular Deaths

Cardiac arrests, neurological disorders, and traffic accidents are the three leading causes of premature death in the country, and responsible for 13.7%, 9.33%, and 7.37% of all deaths respectively, said a senior health official on Monday. “More than three-fourths of all deaths relating to cardiovascular diseases occur in low and middle income countries, and 54% of deaths in the Eastern Mediterranean region are due to non-communicable diseases,” said deputy health minister Mohammad Aqajani, Borna News Agency reported. He said the Health Ministry has set several targets up until 2025 under the National Document for Prevention and Control of NCDs. They include: a 25% reduction in coronary artery related deaths; free counseling to at least 70% of patients who qualify at medical centers; 80% access to medicine and related medical technology; educating and empowering people in self-care, and stepping up preventive measures.