New Eye Disorder Detection Device

New Eye Disorder Detection DeviceNew Eye Disorder Detection Device

A team of Iranian researchers at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences have designed and developed a new eye device that can detect vision defects including optic nerve disorders in patients due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) disease, glaucoma, tumors, trauma, etc, said Dr. Amirhossein Vojdani, ophthalmologist and project manager. “The device can also record the type of disorders,” he told Mehr News Agency. Vojdani said it is the first of its kind and a prototype of the device has been patented internationally. It will be marketed shortly. The device is able to test for Marcus Gunn pupil (in which the patient’s pupils constrict less and appear to dilate when bright light is flashed from the unaffected eye to the affected eye) and image anterior segment anomalies. It evaluates results by using image processing software that can be saved and sent for consultation or educational purposes.