US Zika Infections

US Zika InfectionsUS Zika Infections

Evidence of the Zika virus has been found in at least 320 pregnant women in the US according to a new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden called the virus a “silent epidemic” as it continues to spread across the Americas, ABC News reported. In Puerto Rico and other US territories, Frieden said “dozens and perhaps 50 pregnant women are becoming infected with the Zika virus” every day. In the US seven infants have been born with birth defects after their mothers became infected with Zika while pregnant. Five additional pregnancies showed fetuses with birth defects. An estimated 1,133 cases of Zika virus have been diagnosed in the US since the outbreak began. A $1.1 billion Zika bill was passed in US Senate recently.