Metal Pin Removed From Baby’s Intestine

Metal Pin Removed From Baby’s IntestineMetal Pin Removed From Baby’s Intestine

A large screw (4cm in length) was removed from a 14-month-old baby’s intestines in the border town of Sardasht, West Azarbaijan Province. The baby was hospitalized by the parents for severe abdominal pain at the local Imam Khomeini Hospital, IRNA reported. It was under observation for three days to track the metal pin, but the doctors decided not to open up the intestine to avoid harm to the important body organ. “However, the medical team skillfully guided the screw towards the appendix, and removed both the object and the organ in an appendectomy,” said Dr. Saman Ketabchian, hospital director. The baby was released in good health two days later and is recovering. Ketabchian urged parents to constantly monitor their children so as to prevent such life-threatening mishaps.