New Horizons in Curing Visual Impairment

New Horizons in Curing Visual ImpairmentNew Horizons in Curing Visual Impairment

A young Iranian researcher at Amirkabir University of Technology has designed and developed a retinal repair scaffold which has opened up new horizons for curing visual impairments caused by retinal problems. “My team, for the very first time in the world, has developed scaffolds for retinal tissue repair that have the ability to radiate electromagnetic waves and stimulate retinal cells into tissue regeneration,” said Azadeh Sepahvandi, the project leader. The project has successfully completed laboratory studies and is now in the animal trial phase. The in vivo tests are being carried out on chicken instead of lab rats. The biomedical engineering PhD graduate said the results of the research can be applied in treating patients with retinal damage, as well as diabetic patients whose retinas have thinned and are at risk of visual impairment, Mehr News Agency reported.