Rotary Carousel Parking Planned

Rotary Carousel Parking PlannedRotary Carousel Parking Planned

In a bid to help solve parking problems in the capital city, Tehran urban managers are planning to build rotary carousel parking, said deputy for traffic and transportation affairs at the Tehran Municipality. “Four of such systems that will allow for parking the maximum number of cars in minimum space, will be built in Tehran’s most crowded areas including municipal District 10,” which is one of the busiest areas for traffic, said Seyyed Jafar Tashakkori Hashemi, reported Mehr News Agency. The difference between carousel and the standard parking mechanisms is that the former doesn’t require moving vehicles to get other cars out. In a typical two, three or four-level stacker, the bottom vehicles must be moved out so that the top shelves can be lowered to the ground. A study on the project feasibility is underway, after which the parking capacities will be determined.